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The Y parameter does the same for the Y axis but as for the X axis channels 0 to Y-1 then Y+1 to Y+B. The Z parameter is the same but is only supported for Thermistor configuration. One should use temperature readings obtained from a thermocouple to check the calibration of the temperature sensor output and provide feedback to improve the firmware's temperature accuracy.

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2The stepper driver is the interface between the firmware and the selected stepper motor drivers. If the T parameter is 1 the firmware always uses the fan driver to control the fan speed, and if the T parameter is zero the firmware will use the stepper driver if it is present and that driver's interrupt is specified, or the fan driver otherwise.

3The firmware internally compares the measured temperature with a setpoint and can request the firmware to raise or lower the setpoint. The setpoint which is the temperature, expressed as an integer value, is affected by the H parameter. The H parameter can be set by the firmware from 1 to 4, with 1 being the minimum and 4 being the maximum setpoint. If H is set to a value other than 1, the temperature reading is converted to a binary value, which is then rounded. The value of the rounding is given in the macro X2Y. The binary value is used to determine if the temperature is above, below or equal to the setpoint (depending on which parameter value it is). If it is not equal to the setpoint, the firmware sets the temperature to the setpoint as if the temperature had been rounded up. Note that the value returned by this function is always 1 or zero, so if the firmware is calculating the length of a sides of a triangle using the S parameter, this function must be used and should be ignored if this value is zero.


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