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Download Emprendedores 2022 Pdf ((BETTER))

Overview In December 2022 Australia exported AUD48.7B and imported AUD31.5B, resulting in a positive trade balance of AUD17.1B. Between December 2021 and December 2022 the exports of Australia have increased by AUD8.78B (22%) from AUD39.9B to AUD48.7B, while imports increased by AUD2.17B (7.39%) from AUD29.4B to AUD31.5B.

Download Emprendedores 2022 pdf


Trade In December 2022, the top exports of Australia were Metalliferous ores and metal scrap (AUD45.4B), Coal,coke and briquettes (AUD34.4B), Crude fertilizers and crude minerals (AUD30.6B), Gas,natural and manufactured (AUD17.3B), and Meat and meat preparations (AUD13.4B). In December 2022 the top imports of Australia were Electric machinery,n.e.s.and parts (AUD40.7B), General industrial machinery n.e.s. (AUD37.7B), Machinery for specialized industries (AUD27.4B), Medicinal and pharmaceutical products (AUD26.8B), and Telecommunications and sound recording equipm (AUD24.3B).

ONCE Innova Emprendedores 2022 ha sido la segunda edición del reto, en llamamiento a startups, pymes y proyectos que, con su participación, contribuyen a la labor diaria de ONCE. Así fue el vídeo inicial del reto y convocatoria y fases: 041b061a72


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