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Isaiah Kelly
Isaiah Kelly

Where Can I Buy Panola Hot Sauce

Panola Clearly Hot Sauce is a transparent blend of Louisiana's most popular spices, peppers, onions and garlic. This original clear sauce is mild enough for the whole family, yet tasty enough to compliment almost any food - but we especially love it with chips! Buy two and share with a friend! Size: 5 oz.

where can i buy panola hot sauce

Nicely flavoured vinegar, with clear hints of spice, yet closer to pickled onion juice than an actual hot sauce. Somewhat disappointed but still going to make a great addition to fish and chips, stir-frys and fresh, green veg.

Your basic Louisiana-style hot sauce. Not as salty as Frank's and a little hotter than Texas Pete's. Definitely has the vibe that you would find this on the tables of local diners in the depths of the Louisiana interior. For what it is, it's enjoyable. 041b061a72


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