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Kaon Software Price Comparison Script Nulled [UPDATED]

This can be time-consuming. Manually getting an affiliate link from each affiliate network, inserting to your website, manually updating price if you decide to show it for comparison, etc.

Kaon Software Price Comparison Script Nulled


For example, select only the products with good conversion, specify filters for the minimum commission, lowest price, seller rating, etc. An important feature of working with partners is to maintain product descriptions up to date. Content Egg automatically does a search for the new products by keyword and update products on the site.

Price Comparison Pro integrates with WooCommerce and shows your visitors the cheapest store (compare prices) to buy particular products. It lets you add third-party URLs to scrape (and to click out to), provides shortcodes to add price comparisons anywhere and even to add multiple price comparison boxes to each page.

In Price Comparison Pro plugin you can add up to 10 new pairs of fields to your WooCommerce products where you paste URL links for particular product on various stores. Whenever your visitors visit that product page, the price comparison plugin will check those URLs and fetch a live price.

For stores which use Ajax to update prices you can use Scraping Service in order to scrape sites like this. To buy a subscription you need to purchase Web Scraping ServiceService, which works with Price Comparison Pro plugin.

Choosing Content Egg vs. Datafeedr depends on what you need. Though both plugins offer same features, Datafeedr is more automatic that Content Egg and has slightly more options. But Content Egg is cheaper option that Datafeedr. I personally use Content Egg, and I am very satisfied for now. Both plugins can also be used to create price comparison website in WordPress.

I have a travel site and I am slowly building a section on hotels. I wanted to show comparisons like Datafeedr and Content Egg but for hotel prices. Trip advisor does this on their site. Look at a hotel profile and they show prices for all the big sites like Expedia, and Travelocity. Have you heard of anything like this?

Excellent post author, but i have a query. I am setting up a price comparison site for Indian affiliate markets like flipkart, snapdeal, amazon In etc. I wanted to ask for your suggestion on content-egg as it is the only wordpress plugin providing support for most of the Indian markets. But before buying I want to try it out first on localhost. And since free version of content egg only provides module for Amazon IN affiliate. Do you have info about any other free plugin that supports indian markets so that I can try out before going all in for content egg pro?

Hi,I wanted to to which is the best free plugin for price comparison to start with.I want a free plugin to start with with maximum no. of merchant options available as well as geo targeting feature.plz suggest some options for which plugin to use


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