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Gerard Hayes State Library Of Victoria BEST

After receiving the desk, President Hayes placed it in the Green Room, one of the three state parlors on the first floor of the White House. It was on view here as an exhibition for tourists and visitors until Hayes ordered the desk be taken upstairs to his office on the second floor.[40] At this time, the second floor of the White House acted both as the first family's living quarters and as the President's Office.[41] What are now the Lincoln Bedroom, Lincoln Sitting Room, and Treaty Room were the president's main working spaces with the Yellow Oval Room used as the president's library or a family parlor.[41][42] After the desk was moved to these offices by Hayes in 1880, it traveled from room to room, based on presidents' needs, for the next twenty-two years. Grover Cleveland used it in his office and library in what is now the Yellow Oval Room for both of his non-consecutive terms,[43][44] William McKinley used the desk often in the Presidential Office and had a bouquet of flowers placed upon it every day,[45] and Theodore Roosevelt used it in the President's Room, today's Lincoln Bedroom.[46]

gerard hayes state library of victoria

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