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Isaiah Kelly

Witching Tower VR [BETTER]

This game puts you in the perspective of a witch in training. Although throughout the training you are going to be forced to escape the bonds of the one that holds you captive, this game, for the most part, is going to train you in everything to be a successful witch at the next witching level. Inside of this in-depth review we will be covering everything you need to know before you have a chance to buy this game. From locomotion to how accurate your wands are, this review is going to give you every bit of information.

Witching Tower VR

Developer Daily Magic Productions will release Witching Tower: Heroes in Early Access on April 29. The game builds on the original Witching Tower, casting players as a warrior sent to destroy hordes of monsters in an evil tower. Check it out in the trailer below.

In Witching Tower VR, you play as Anna and you are the key to changing the future. You will be exploring the tower and facing evil skeletons, bats, and other creatures with some weapons and some magic all while trying to stop the evil Queen. But before you try and enter this tower and solve the puzzles to prove that the choice that has been made might be the smartest, you will want to make sure you have both Move controllers fully charged. Once you have that, go into the options and decide on your movement. Do you want to teleport or do you want to move freely? I went with the teleportation aspect of it all and was sitting down during my time with Witching Tower VR.

I did talk about puzzles and there is another aspect to them in the form of blue ghosts who will give you more information about the tower. Most of the time, the ghosts are holding a ghostly object that you must locate, place in the blue fire to help solve the puzzle. What I like about this puzzling aspect is how if I were a ghost, I would only say a few things until I felt that what was missing, was found so then that I could move on with my journey in the afterlife. These ghostly puzzles were probably one of my favorite aspects of the Witching Tower VR that I wish that there more of them. 041b061a72


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