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Isaiah Kelly
Isaiah Kelly

Ascension Reiki

The shop offers several services, including psychic readings, reiki healings, integrated energy therapy, past life readings, Shamanic healings and an emotional code work/subconscious reprogramming through Theta reprogramming.

Ascension Reiki

Shree Fulcher, owner of Ascension in Kill Devil Hills, never had plans to open a yoga studio or practice reiki or even learn how to heal people. After reaching a breaking point where her physical body was in need of some healing, she started to realize her being as a whole needed some mending.

Get certified. Become a Crystal Ascension Reiki Therapist! This is the fantastic certification course on mastering the use of crystals through reiki energy!

Andrew has devised this amazing course, combining the energy of your soul with the power of the mineral kingdom. Through your sense of intuition you will become more in tune with your higher self. Through your sense of touch you will become more aware of the energetic aura of all living things. Through your sense of sight, you will be able to see the outcome that this course will offer you. Andrew also engages your other senses through his course related products such as music, aromatic essential oils, crystals tools and reiki charged care products. 041b061a72


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