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6 : Kill The Absolute Justice

Tatsumi and Leone infiltrate a brothel for their assassination mission. Upon seeing an intoxicated prostitute killed by one of the gangsters, Leone gets angry, stating that she knew the girl from the slums. Leone and Tatsumi burst down from the ceiling and slaughter all the gangsters and their leader. During their return home, Tatsumi remarks on Leone's kind act of getting help for the women of the brothel. Leone licks his ear, stating that she had "marked" him for herself when she is older. Tatsumi then wonders how Mine and Sheele, who were also on a mission, are doing.

6 : Kill the Absolute Justice

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As Chloe Sullivan tries to get in touch with Clark Kent, she finds herself cornered in an alleyway by a man named Sylvester Pemberton, who is wielding a staff that has the ability to control light. As Sylvester attempts to inform Chloe that he is a friend, an assassin known as Icicle attacks and Sylvester is ultimately killed. Chloe and Clark go to the hospital to investigate the truth behind Sylvester, which ultimately leads them to the Daily Planet archive room. There, Clark and Chloe discover documents and an old 16 mm film that identifies Sylvester as part of a team of "criminals", which includes: Carter Hall, Kent Nelson, Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, Ted Grant, Abigail Hunkel, Wesley Dodds, and Al Pratt. In the documentary footage, Sylvester and the rest of his team are systematically arrested. Because of allegations of jury tampering, falsified evidence, and lack of connection, all of the individuals are released.

While Clark and Chloe are looking into the criminal group, Icicle tracks down and kills Wesley Dodds following Dodds' dream about him; Clark later finds Dodds' body. Following Dodds' death, Clark tracks down Carter Hall, believing him to be Icicle's next target. Clark finds Hall at a museum; he also finds Kent Nelson, who is mumbling incoherently to himself and clutching onto a small bag. Using his X-ray vision, Clark sees a helmet inside the bag, which turns on its own and looks back at Clark. Having enough of Clark's questions, Carter sends Clark on his way.

Meanwhile, Chloe sends Oliver Queen after Sylvester's staff. Unfortunately, high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore has already taken the staff. Before Oliver can get the staff from her, Kent shows up and uses the staff to teleport both him and Courtney back to the museum. Here, it is revealed that Sylvester's team was actually a group of superheroes led by Carter Hall, who went by the codename "Hawkman". The group called themselves the "Justice Society of America". Courtney, who was Sylvester's protégé, Kent and Carter band together to find Sylvester's killer. As such, Kent places the Helmet of Nabu back on and transforms into "Doctor Fate".

Meanwhile, Checkmate sends Lois Lane an anonymous package that provides her with the truth about the Justice Society. Clark awakens at the museum, where Doctor Fate informs Clark that his fate is to lead a new generation of superheroes, and that he will one day conquer his greatest enemy, Lex Luthor. Oliver and John Jones show up at the museum to rescue Clark, unaware that Hawkman, Doctor Fate, and Stargirl are actually heroes. Banding together, the group splits up into pairs to locate Icicle. While on patrol, Doctor Fate and John Jones are attacked by Icicle. Before Doctor Fate is killed, he uses his abilities to restore John's Martian powers. While John lies unconscious, Icicle steals Doctor Fate's helmet and acquires the powers that go with it.

Clark and the others regroup at Watchtower, where Icicle arrives to kill the rest of the Justice Society and avenge his father. At first, Clark, Hawkman, Stargirl, and Green Arrow have trouble taking down Icicle and his new abilities. When John arrives, the group is finally able to defeat Icicle. Afterward, Carter tells Clark that he and Courtney have located the surviving members of the Justice Society, their children, and their protégés in order to build a new team of superheroes for today's generation. Back at the Daily Planet after having been visited by Agent Waller, Lois publishes her article on the Justice Society, revealing them to be a team of superheroes who were lambasted by the government, and falsely imprisoned. Icicle is transported back to Checkmate. With Icicle in a heated cage, Agent Waller subsequently kills him after informing Icicle that he was a part of the new Suicide Squad. Afterward, Tess Mercer is revealed to be an agent of Checkmate.

In the series, Justice can be summarized as a criminal being served the punishment that they have earned for their crimes. Depending on said crimes, the punishment can be one of many possible things, from time in prison to execution. The classic view of how a criminal should 'receive justice' is thought of as "an eye for an eye", which means if they have done something wrong, they deserve a punishment as great as the crime they committed; if a person murders someone, then according to this term, it means they themselves should face the death penalty as a suitable form of justice.

Many forms of justice have been shown numerous times in the series. Marines may choose to display signs of Justice based on their own interpretations or opinions of the word "Justice". Some example of different opinion-based ideas on justice include Kuzan who declared he served a "Lazy Justice", Rob Lucci who claimed to serve a "Dark Justice" (闇の正義, Yami no Seigi?)[1] and Smoker who told Tashigi to create her own "personal justice".

Doflamingo, though a former World Noble and Warlord of the Sea, is not without some opinion in regards to what is and is not justice, but he himself does not seem to care for it. He truly believes that the meaning of justice is determined by whoever is in charge to deem it so and stated that whoever emerges victorious in the Marineford War will have the ultimate say in determining what is and is not justice.[3]

It is unknown why the World Government supports Absolute Justice as much as it does, nor where the ideals centered around it originate from. However, Vice-Admiral Onigumo best described it as willing to sacrifice anything to defeat what is defined as "evil", though it does ensure that the majority of the world is held under the World Government's dominion effectively giving them absolute control of the world.

Aside from Absolute Justice, many high-ranking Marines have a personal "Upheld Justice" (掲げる正義, Kakageru Seigi?) in the form of a motto.[15] This sense of justice is often fundamentally tied to their character and reflects heavily in their actions.[16] While some of these mottos are an interpretation of Absolute Justice, others are tied to independent and different sets of ideals; despite favoring Absolute Justice, the World Government allows Marines to follow their own personal interpretation of Justice, as long as it does not cause insubordination.[citation needed]

One of the ongoing themes of One Piece is the misapplication of the principle of "justice" by the Marines and other law enforcers. While the Marines wish to maintain law and order by apprehending criminals, the techniques that they (or at least some of the Marines) use can often be no better (or in some cases even worse) than the pirates they seek to wipe out, trampling the rights and/or needs of civilians in order to pursue their own ends. The failures so far of this rule have been proven constantly and in many cases led to the opposite happening of what they were intending.

The practice of so-called justice can also bring out the questionable morals in some everyday citizens. With the prospect of gaining instant wealth by selling out Robin to the authorities, Robin encountered many close calls and betrayals while growing up.

Depending on one's perspective, one could argue that the marines' policy of absolute justice makes them worse than the very evil that they claim to fight. Onigumo, a firm believer in absolute justice, ordered a marine under his command to destroy the marine battleship upon which Luffy and Rob Lucci were fighting at Enies Lobby. A marine soldier, disliking the prospect of murdering 1000 of his comrades for the sake of killing 1 pirate, protested the Vice Admiral's orders, which resulted in Onigumo shooting the marine in cold blood. The order was then carried out, the result of which was the destruction of the battleship and the marine crew on board. However, Luffy escaped the blast with ease, thus making the sacrifice completely pointless.

Enies Lobby was known as a place where justice was distributed fairly, but in truth: not one person has ever been found innocent, mainly due to the so-called "jury" consisting of death-row inmates who wish to take as many people with them as possible. And it does not even end there, as the prison called Impel Down is designed to prevent any captive criminals from leaving alive. Even those without a life sentence die in prison from the systematic torture they are sentenced to, something that the jailers find pleasure in doing. The same can be said for the G-5 personnel, marine soldiers who barely follow rules and instead act as violent ruffians by torturing prisoners.

In the end, due to the World Government's "unawareness" of the still existing slavery (despite "abolishing" it over two centuries ago, it still exists due to the World Nobles), any form of Justice that the Marines claim to have starts to become somewhat hypocritical, since slavery and its practices are ultimately the antithesis of justice. The fact that Justice does not apply to the rich, like the spoiled World Nobles, is also a hypocrisy that most Marines and civilians sadly fail to understand.

Most noteworthy of all, is that though the World Government supports "Absolute Justice", they can also be renowned for ignoring justice altogether and the term can sometimes be as questionable as the morals that drive their opinion of 'Justice'. Despite the World Government's view of "Justice", they hypocritically do business with a country run by pirates. Because of all this, the people who follow Absolute Justice can be seen as just as bad, or even worse, than the criminals. Even after completing their goal during the Summit War of Marineford, the Marines refused to give up and continued fighting the pirates. 041b061a72


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