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"Me Before You" is a definite contender for the most known romantic drama of 2016. But first things first: This one here runs for 110 minutes and was directed by Thea Sharrock while Jojo Moyes adapted her own novel for the screen here. And the result isn't shabby at all as this one scored a decent deal of awards recognition that turned the film into by far the most known work for both writer and director. And while male lead actor Sam Claflin has already starred next to the likes of Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnny Depp and other pretty big names from Hollywood, there is no denying that he plays only second fiddle here to female lead Emilia Clarke. The latter is of course known to millions, if not billions, from Game of Thrones, but good news is that thanks to the different hair color, it is very easy to not see her Daenarys character this time which may have hurt the film overall. I think she did a very good job. Her energetic, sparkling presence was one of the best aspects about the film and makes it easy to forgive her for occasional moments of "overthetopness", for example when her boyfriend arrives on her birthday and she tells everybody that somebody rang the doorbell. They also really tried to make her look not as gorgeous as she is, which was a huge challenge as even in these strange clothes she was obviously still a huge stunner. Claflin did a very good job too and he had the difficult task that really all his acting had to take place above his neck because of the character's disability. I found him memorable. Other known names include Charles Dance, Oscar nominee McTeer or Matt Lewis from Harry Potter, but honestly those were just in the shadows of the two protagonists because their material simply wasn't on the same level in terms of both quality and quantity.As a whole, I thought this was a really good film. The writing was smart on many occasions and it is always a success for films closer to 120 minutes than to 90 minutes if they drag as little as this one here. It also manages to stay away from the pretentious side and there was the danger it could enter this area on several occasions. But it managed nicely. The film is also not trying to make any political statements as it really is all about the tragic(?) story of the two protagonists here. Some scenes stay in mind especially like when he reveals his suicide plans to her because his body was a cage. Or also the scene in which she is watching an old video of him before the accident. The film included exactly the right approach to romance too in my opinion. They did not have to go for a huge love story or anything in order to have the tragedy work here. If you enjoyed this film as much as I did, then let me recommend you "A Walk to Remember" or "Griffin and Phoenix" or "The Notebook" although I am sure you have at least seen the latter already. Back to this one here, I do share the praise and I think it is an achievement that feels both real and touching. Maybe it is generally more for women, but definitely not exclusively if you manage to open yourself up here to the fate of the two protagonists. I also quite like the title. I am not a Game of Thrones fan at all, so I guess this makes up for a slight Emilia Clarke fanboy tendency and turns me into a neutral observer. A good, no a great watch for people curious about Game of Thrones stars in other projects. And actually for everybody else too. This film is among 2016's very finest and I highly recommend checking out.

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Generally am somebody who dislikes rap, being a diverse listener of music while raised primarily on classical and opera as a result of coming from a musical family. However, once in a while there are rap/hip hop figures that are talented and have music that is more than tolerable for rap.One such example is Christopher "Notorious B.I.G" Wallace, whose life was documented in the 2009 film 'Notorious', which did have issues but there were things such as the brilliant performance of Jamal Woolward that made it watchable. Another example is Tupac, whose life is documented here in 2017's 'All Eyez on Me'. 'All Eyez On Me' could have been good, for somebody who did have an interesting life. Unfortunately it really does fail to do this artist and his life justice.'All Eyez on Me' isn't without redeeming values. Its best asset, and the only outstanding thing about it, is the lead performance of Demetrius Shipp Jr, who perfected Tupac's look and mannerisms to startling effect. The cast were largely miss, but there were a couple of hits in the form of Jamal Woolward, again as Notorious B.I.G, and particularly Kat Graham who really tries to give some heart to the film and to her scenes with Shipp Jnr.However, 'All Eyez On Me' goes on for far too long (have sat through many long films and there are a lot that are brilliant, such as 'Lawrence of Arabia', 'Ben Hur' and 'Gone With the Wind) and such a length isn't justified by how little it does with its content. It does try to cram in too much, some of it in a short space of time, and doesn't explore any of it in enough detail. Some scenes were random and unnecessary, succeeding in slowing the film down and making one question why they were there in the first place.With the information given in 'All Eyez On Me', it all felt like a series of bullet points, explored in cliff-notes form at best and at worst telling us nothing. Didn't care for the idea to spell out Tupac's every thought when it once again tells us little, as one can see 'All Eyez On Me' is very short on revelations or anything new (which is misleading as it was advertised in a way that it would tell us something new and un-told) which is frustrating and feels like a cheat for fans. Some of it, especially the scenes detailing Tupac's relationship with Jada, felt like the truth had been distorted for dramatic effect/license.Didn't see the need for the narration either in filmed interview form, that was very clumsily inserted and basically spoon-fed events with no subtlety whatsoever. Amateur hour Youtube and music videos have better production values than here, and while the music was good a lot of the placing was random. It's all poorly scripted, flatly directed and whose bright idea was it to bring in performers and such as themselves and not give them anything to do.In conclusion, Tupac deserved better, in no way does 'All Eyez On Me', despite Shipp Jnr and Graham's valiant efforts, do the man and his very interesting (which couldn't have been less compellingly depicted here) life justice. 2/10 Bethany Cox

Given how hard it is to even make a basic joke in todays Woke environment, Jeff was able to cover a variety of todays topics and still get the laughs. As many people have been saying... Walter is a ringer for Biden and of course Jeff takes advantage of the situation (of course any Lefty will hate to see reality slapped in their faces) and gets a fair and not too many jokes in.Sorry, but when Biden is more Walter than Walter is... its pretty easy to line the jokes up and bowl them over. But, he didn't spend his entire time jabbing on Biden. He then goes to his other puppets and a new one and gets a bunch of jokes in on a variety of todays topics with lots of laughs.The main problem I see with this special is it could have gone on for another 20 or so minutes to take it to a full hour.You can clearly see where the editing happened and makes you wonder, what did he talk about that didn't make the final cut? Was that done so you will go out and see his show or was it that the 'powers that be' didn't want us to see what he did??I always have a good time with Jeff Dunham and would give him an 8, but with the shorter set, I rank it a 7.

Great to see the old gang back, as well as some new faces. This was entertaining start to finish, and Dunham manages to touch on every relevant subject in today's current social environment with style and laughter. Walter as Biden was hilarious but Jose and his new identity was the best, especially his interactions with Peanut. Name a better duo, I'll wait. It's a shame Ahmed was retired, he was one of the best and original characters, but I guess every comedian has to make adjustments to culturally fit in. Luckily Dunham still squeezes in some inappropriate shocks here and there. This was much better than I expected - not his best, but still better than many recent comedy shows. A well deserved 9/10 from me, and will be watching this again many times for sure.

At one time I liked Jeff Dunham and his puppets I thought he had a nice twist on. The human experience and his puppets made me laugh. But now his comedy just leaves me totally cold now.I guess his last specials have become so political that I find myself just being annoyed . If I waned politics I could go to Fox or MSNBC.Maybe I am missing something but didn't the Jeff Dunham comedy specials used to be family friendly to a point,but this fare misses anything that could be friendly family. And the sexual stuff just is tacky.I suppose if you want some off color comedy from a performer who seems to have lost what was endearing, then go for it.

Only the Dead is a Western take on the Iraq conflict. In spite of attempts to bridge the gap between the US invaders and Iraqi defenders, for me, this remains a Westernised perspective on the Iraq war. Its an interesting one, nonetheless.What is clear from this documentary is the simple brutality and folly of war. People simply die, there's no pretense or sentiment. Whats especially troubling, is how modern urban warfare leaves no discernible boundary between civilians and military combatants. Everyone is at risk and under suspicion, there is no safe harbour. This documentary is capably narrated by the Australian journalist who films instances of the Iraq war. He offers personal insights into how war effects him and those around him, including the often youthful US soldiers. Take a look but be warned some of this is disturbing. Seven out of ten from me. 041b061a72


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