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Isaiah Kelly

How to Play Serious Sam 3 BFE for Free with Crack Only Game Hack

this is why the industry needs a moral code. the industry cant continue to expect people to buy a game that has been pirated. if people are going to pirate, they are going to pirate. if its going to continue to exist, the industry needs to figure out how to make money off of it.

Serious Sam 3 BFE CRACK ONLY Game Hack

i just cant spend my money on something that i feel is morally wrong. i can buy the occasional game, but a purchase that results in my doing something that i dont feel comfortable with is something i will never do.

that's right. you get rid of the entire concept of a game and just turn it into a physics engine, and an engine that is strictly for hardware acceleration. i mean sure, itd be cool if you could get the game to work without hardware acceleration, but if you look at it, you get to decide what you are paying for. you arent getting anything for free, no one is forcing you to buy a game, or buy this code. i can just as easily ignore it as if i were to ignore the game.

see, there's a big difference between someone who chooses to install something on their computer, and someone who does something malicious against their will. the first one is actually giving the game developer something, the second one is taking something from someone. i dont know what kind of code you can install on someone elses machine without their permission, but if someone gets mad about it, they can always just turn it off.

the game is a physics engine, and yes, it is a game. you arent paying for anything, you are paying for the title, you arent paying for the game, or the code, you are paying for the company that owns the code. so if you dont want to pay for it, thats your choice, but remember that the only reason it costs anything is because the game developers are choosing to sell it. the only way you would pay for something that isnt a game is if you were paying for the game developers time, in which case it would have to be a game, or you would have to pay the dev directly, and thats the same thing in this case.


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